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iC4 specialists bring to you there know-how and capabilities in order to help you facing present and future challenges.
Ambroise D., iC4 founder

DITA independent consulting

iC4 provides consulting and services around technical documentation and assessment needs. We also implement DITA-based solutions for managing the authoring, production, and delivery of documents in digital and print forms.


Our services include general DITA application design, markup design to best adapt the DITA standard and related technologies to your specific business challenges, customization and implementation of output processors to produce the digital and print products you need, integration, configuration, and customization of DITA-aware component management systems, development and validation of legacy content conversion specifications and custom tooling.


Consulting and services


We assist our clients with:
  • needs study
  • managing authoring, production and delivery
  • DITA implementation
  • Content reuse


iC4 offers :
  • customization of document outputs
  • customization of authoring and content management tools
  • to streamline your company data

Training courses

iC4 offer training courses:
  • Structured technical writing
  • DITA authoring
  • Simplified Technical English specification

Online DITA training course

This training course is design for technical writers and anyone involved in technical documentation. It teaches you:
  • how to structure content in DITA
  • how to write topics in DITA
  • how to add rich content in DITA
  • how to publish content


  1. Structured authoring and DITA
    • Defining structured authoring
    • Explaining the XML-DITA standard
  2. Starting a migration project
    • Categorizing content into DITA topics
    • Creating the file base
    • File naming guidelines
    • Migration and rewriting
    • Inserting related links
  3. Writing content
    • What is writing "from scratch"
    • Challenges and solutions
    • Writing a reference topic "from scratch"
  4. Enriching content
    • Inserting images
    • Reusing content: basic concepts
  5. Preparing content for publishing
    • Creating a map and adding content
    • Preparing content for conditional filtering

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Our team



Our consultant bring you their expertise on content management and DITA to help you facing future challenges.

DITA specialists

DITA specialists

Content experts, our DITA specialists help you implementing management and authoring tools. They also develop and implement content outputs.

Our trainers

Our trainers

Grâce à une excellente maîtrise de la documentation technique et à une vision éclairée des besoins des utilisateurs, nos formateurs vous forment sur la structuration de l’information et à la communication technique.

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